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tree service for fire mitigationProtect Your Home from Wildfire!

Homes and property situated in forested and fire prone areas should regularly employ professional tree service providers to clear out brush and trim dead and dying tree branches. With regular fire mitigation work, homeowners can substantially increase their safety and reduce the risk to life and property. In Colorado alone, more than 2 million residents live in the wildlife-urban interface (WUI). This is an area of man-made improvements built in, or near, natural terrain and flammable vegetation. WUI areas are known for their high potential of wildland fire.

Benefits of Regular Fire Mitigation

According to The State of Colorado, the two emerging factors of a home’s ability to survive a wildfire is the quality of defensible space around the home and the home’s structural ignitability. Insurance companies strongly recommend, and at times require, homeowners to create and maintain defensible space between a home or other structure to reduce the impact of fire damage. A structure’s ignitability and quality of a defensible space are what insurance companies rate as the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ). A property owner’s HIZ rating directly affects the price of premiums and insurability offered by an insurance company.

Managing Defensible Space

Defensible space protects your home against an approaching wildfire as well as reduces the spread to neighboring homes and forest. Fire mitigation for defensible spaces works best when professional teams are allowed to regularly treat and clear natural and manmade fuel hazards. Don’t get caught with a fire hazard waiting to happen. Let N&D Tree be your resource for professional and knowledgeable fire mitigation.

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