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Treat your trees as an investment!

Trees are an investment to your property and it’s important to treat them well. Detecting and treating trees for disease and insect damage is important to your landscape and home value. Once damage is done, it can take years to repair.

Common Insect:

Aphids, Aspens
Scale, Heavy canopy tree
Spider mites, Conifers
Japanese Borer, Elm and Maple
Emerald Ash Borer, Ash

Common Tree Diseases:

Leaf spot, Shade and Ornamental Trees
Canker, Fruit Trees
Fire Blight, Fruit Trees

During an infestation period, treatment of three to four applications per year is recommended to ensure sufficient protection. Prevent damage by choosing N&D Tree for your yearly tree inspection against disease and insect control.

tree diseaseManaging Emerald Ash Borer on your Ash Tree!

The best strategy to protect your ash tree is to apply protective insecticide treatments to an already healthy tree. If a tree is already infested or already sickly, it is recommended to treat the ash tree to prevent further damage and help the tree recover. Within the Colorado area, ash trees play an important role in your landscape’s value. A tree’s value lies in its location within a landscape, its aesthetically pleasing shape, quality of fall color, and its shade value. The benefits of properly cared trees are increase in property value, runoff and erosion mitigation, and reduction of home utility costs by acting as a wind breaker and shade provider.

Detecting Infection

Detecting tree disease and pest infections are essential for early detection on a tree. Common signs of infection are canopy thinning starting in the upper portion of a tree, bark splitting, woodpecker damage, and formation of sprouts along the trunk. These signs are general indication of tree stress, which indicates infection or disease.. Specific signs of infection can be found if the bark of an ash tree is pulled back, exposing D-shaped exit holes, S-shaped larval tunnels and /or larvae, or,  of course, metallic green beetles or insects.

When to Treat

It is recommended to treat ash trees that are within 15 miles of a confirmed EAB site or for trees located within a quarantined area. It is against the recommendation of N&D Tree to treat ash trees outside of these areas. When EAB treatment is applied correctly, it is 85 to 95 percent effective. In the case of late detection and treatment, it is recommended to consider tree removal if the tree has sustained too much damage.

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