Safeguard Your Home with N&D Tree’s Expertise

Protect your home from wildfires by partnering with N&D Tree, a professional tree service provider specializing in fire mitigation. Homes and properties in forested and fire-prone areas require regular brush clearing and trimming of dead or dying branches to substantially enhance safety and reduce the risk to life and property. Over 2 million residents in Colorado live in the wildland-urban interface (WUI). In this area, man-made structures meet natural terrain and flammable vegetation, making it highly susceptible to wildfires.

N&D Tree is dedicated to serving Colorado residents and is committed to providing its expertise to customers nationwide on special projects. This commitment ensures that communities across the United States benefit from N&D Tree’s exceptional fire mitigation services.

N&D Tree works directly with forestry staff and organizations committed to preserving and enhancing Colorado’s community forests, ensuring the best possible environmental care.

From tree planting to fire mitigation, our crews are dedicated to the health and beauty of Colorado’s community forests, ensuring harmonious coexistence between residents and wildlife. We strictly adhere to government requirements, guaranteeing that forestry staff is covered while working with us.

Don’t let your property become a fire hazard waiting to happen. Instead, choose N&D Tree as your go-to resource for professional and knowledgeable fire mitigation services, and have peace of mind knowing your home and surrounding environment are protected.


Managing Defensible Space

According to the State of Colorado, the two key factors determining a home's ability to survive a wildfire are the quality of defensible space around the home and the home's structural ignitability. Insurance companies recommend and sometimes require homeowners to create and maintain defensible space between structures to reduce fire damage impact. A property's HIZ rating, or Home Ignition Zone, which is based on a structure's ignitability and the quality of defensible space, directly affects insurance premiums and insurability offered by insurance companies. Proper fire mitigation helps improve your HIZ rating and keeps your insurance costs in check. Defensible space protects your home against an approaching wildfire and reduces the spread to neighboring properties and forests. Effective fire mitigation for defensible spaces requires professional teams to treat and clear natural and man-made fuel hazards regularly. With N&D Tree, you can trust our expertise and dedication to fire mitigation.

From tree care to crane services and everything in between, N & D Tree & Crane Services is your go-to partner for any project. Contact us today by filling out our brief form to schedule your free estimate.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At N&D Tree LLC, we dedicate ourselves to delivering customized tree care solutions to various clients. Our expertise covers numerous sectors, such as utility companies, municipalities, fire mitigation services, commercial and residential properties, property management, homeowners associations, insurance companies, and forestry and natural resource management organizations. For an immediate response feel free to give us a call anytime.

“We have had Nick out to our property several times to help us with our fire mitigation, tree removal, and chipping. They always provide excellent service for a reasonable price. Will definitely use them for future needs.”


“They came out right away and gave me a bid lower than any other tree-cutting companies. Then within a week, they came out and cut & trimmed the trees, and even cleaned the yard. I am very pleased with their professionalism and work quality.”


“Nik and his crew were very prompt and professional. I had two very large trees to remove and one was very close to my house. They were great to work with and I would recommend them for your tree removal needs.”


We’re hiring for various arborist roles, including tree climbers, crane operators, tree trimmers, and ground crew members. Our team values honesty, integrity, quality work, exceptional customer service, and safety. Experience is preferred but we offer training and development. We prioritize a supportive, inclusive work environment where everyone can grow. Join our team and take your arboriculture career to the next level.

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