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tree removal company in coloradoDon’t forget your permit to remove trees in the public right-of-way!

Be careful before grabbing that chainsaw! Even if you are experienced with power tools, sometimes it’s just easier to call the pros. N & D Tree will work with you to ensure that all city guidelines and permit regulations are met before, during, and cleanup after the job is completed.

Safety and quality of service is N & D Tree’s dedication to you! N & D Tree ensures all safety precautions are taken, as well as carrying insurance to prevent damage to you and your property while N & D Tree is on the job.

Tree removal in Colorado is best done before the ground freezes. For the Denver and Front Range area, it is recommended to remove a tree before September or October unless it is a hazard. In the case of it causing a hazard, it should be removed immediately, regardless of the time of year.

tree removalImportance of Removing Dead and Dying Trees

Fire and falling tree branches are a major concern for utility companies and their overhead power lines. Due to Denver’s exceedingly dry climate, dead and dying trees act as fuel waiting for a spark to light it up. For this reason, power companies work to fulfill their due diligence by using light detection and ranging technology to spot dying trees near their overhead power lines. However, residents are still encouraged to notify the city if a tree is a hazard to a power line and sits on city property, or to have it removed if it lays on their property. During winter, branches freeze and become weighted down with snow and ice. This can cause them to break, or fall on power lines, or damage privately owned structures. If a power line falls close to a dead or dying tree, it can potentially catch fire, even in the dead of winter due to Denver’s exceedingly dry climate.

Denver Tree Regulations

In Denver, it is against city code to remove a tree within the public right-of-way, even if it’s on your property. Denver Recreation (? explain) issues permits to residents wishing to remove a tree encroaching on their property or which has become a hazard. According to The City of Denver, trees not in the public right of way that are growing entirely on a resident’s property can be removed without a permit.


Nic and his guys were fantastic! I would have zero hesitation recommending them to anyone. They were so professional and were very sweet to my boys who were fascinated with watching them.

Kate R.

Great job. Professional, on time, great work and they cleaned up after themselves!

Cynthia B.

Nik, the owner of the company followed up my Thumbtack, Inc. inquiry immediately. He was on time for our appointment. He walked around the house with me. He understood my goals and gave me specific information on what they would do. Nik gave me a very fair price. The scheduled day they arrived on time Nik, Ralph, and Ryan walked the job again. Marking the trees and shrubs. They got to work. Professional, polite, and efficient. It was all done in a day and a half. I highly recomend N & D Tree LLC! I will call them again when I need to trim.

Tracey F.